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Fast Residential Downsizing

House - Residential Downsizing

A large home is the perfect option for a growing family. Unfortunately, they're often too much for seniors to care for. Eliminate the stress and hassle of caring for a large home when you turn to the residential downsizing experts from JMS Estate Sales & Service LLC of Holly Springs, North Carolina, for services.

The Downsizing Process

When you're ready to downsize to a smaller home, Senior living facility, don't worry. Our company offers the prompt residential downsizing services you need, and we'll make the process simple.

We start with moving your loved ones household items and furniture to their new residence.

After your loved one is comfortable in their new home, we will donate or discard all items that cannot be sold.

We will host an estate sale in the home to maximize profits.

Clean-out all remaining items and sweep/vacuum floors.

In fact, you can count on us to move your furniture to your new residence with our insured vehicles and trailers and to liquidate any other furniture and goods. Prices for our residential downsizing services vary and are priced per job.

Contact our residential downsizing crew to make downsizing easy and hassle-free.